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Dugi W.

"I am taking French lessons ahead of a holiday in France and to stimulate my mind (I’m retired). I am doing a mix of a structured course with relevant diversions. Karine is a fun, enthusiastic tutor. She structures the lessons to suit my needs, and as a result I’ve learnt much over a short period."

Lachlan C.

"I decided to take French lessons with Karine to keep the grey matter active and to resurrect my high school French, which I never really mastered nor practiced. After only a couple of lessons I knew I'd made the right choice. Karine has been great in working with me - at my pace. I have been building in confidence and practicing my French pronunciation, to my family's great amusement. The lessons are well structured, interesting and paced in a way that is challenging, but not intimidating. J'apprends le Français."