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French lessons for children

Helping your children to learn a language at a young age is one of the best things that you can do for them.

French lessons for children suit for children aged 3 to 12; for older children, please see our Student French lessons.

Bonjour la France ! always adapts the lessons to the children then we are able to tutor beginners, intermediate or advanced kids.

We recommend at least 1 session per week. 

Teaching methods:

Bonjour la France tailors the teaching methods depending on the age of the students:

Les petits Toddlers (3 to 5 years old) - 45 minutes session

No previous French is required. The class provides a joyful entry into French language and culture. In a fun and creative environment, this class introduces two story books each term. In a multi-sensory approach, Bonjour la France promotes a gentle immersion experience in small classes that allow your child to gradually become familiar with French. Your child will learn French through a variety of activities: singing, drawing, games, craft, dancing, story telling, video watching and role playing with the other children.

From Prep to Grade 6 (Junior et Senior) - 1 hour lesson

No previous French is required. This class will be oriented towards primary school children who want to learn French with a native French tutor in a fun and creative environment. Students progress with the well known French textbook "Ludo et ses amis"* through all year round. They sing songs, participate in educational games and interact in French from day one. Your child will learn to understand and use simple instructions, basic phrases, and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to interact in French during the class through numerous activities including stories, mini-projects, songs and educational games.

*the textbook has to be purchased separately $30.